For half of a century, the aging infrastructure and transportation systems of the United States have been recognized by engineering professionals and the engineering academia community as a major concern to the future well-being of our nation. Since the 1970’s our infrastructure has declined to the point that even the general populous recognize that this is a serious concern. We at GEOServices prepare ourselves to support the revitalization of our infrastructure and transportation systems. We realize infrastructure and transportation projects are requisite for improving quality of life for all. We also know that it is critical for supporting the growth and preservation of our communities. To fulfill our responsibility, our professional staff relies on experienced planning, close attention to detail and collaboration with multiple shareholders. We are able to anticipate problems by developing a scope of services and recommendations in conjunction with working closely with our clients.

GEOServices has proven itself to be a leader in support of these areas by providing geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, construction materials, and pavement-related services. We have a broad range of technical and management experience delivered to both public and private sector clients.  We continually update our methods and procedures for permanently and cost-effectively handling technical issues associated with our line of work. We are committed to improving the communities in which we work and live by providing sound engineering expertise.

Our experience encompasses projects related to water supply and waste water treatment facilities, underground utilities, bridges, roads, small dams, and airport facilities. We also recognize the importance of ongoing communication with clients, general contractors, and consultants. We strive to maintain close relationships with all parties involved.


Our clients include government agencies, economic development organizations, local and regional private developers and industrial end-users.