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LeConte Medical Facility



The Leconte Medical Facility is a 200,000 square foot hospital medical center providing the most modern medical care possible for Sevier County.  The 3-story hospital and the associated parking and access drives were constructed for an approximate project cost of $115 million. GEOServices provided Geotechnical Engineering support, Construction Material Testing, and Special Inspections during the design and construction of the facility. The design and construction phases consisted of  the following elements:

  • Redevelopment of a previous industrial site, requiring major geotechnical engineering considerations for demolition of numerous subsurface structures.
  • Site specific seismic study to refine seismic parameters and comply with IBC Code requiremetns
  • In depth settlement analyses to evaluate rock bearing and soil bearing conditions.
  • Extensive rock bearing capacity analyses to show that the heavily load building columns could safely be founded in shallow rock – eliminating the need for deep foundation construction.
  • A rippability analysis to delineate areas requiring mass rock excavations for foundation and utilities at the site.

GEOServices Services:

GEOServices was responsible for all geotechnical testing, geotechnical design (MSE wall design), and QA/QC testing in accordance with stringent health care standards.  GEOServices provided materials testing service in conjunction with their off-site AASHTO approved laboratory.  On-site materials testing services including soils testing, concrete testing, foundation observations, retaining wall inspections, reinforcing steel inspections, structural steel inspections (superstructure), aggregate testing, and asphalt testing.