From its beginning GEOServices has provided professional engineering and environmental consulting services to multiple state and local government agencies.  GEOServices is there to support these agencies meet the growing demands of the public to design and construct new infrastructures and to repair and renovate deteriorating ones. With our trained staff of professionals and technicians, we can meet the geotechnical and environmental needs of the state and local governments from the conceptual design and permitting phases through the engineering design and construction to the final project closeout. In addition, our experienced professional archaeologists provide support for addressing archaeology and cultural resources issues, which can arise during both the development of new projects and redevelopment existing ones.

We have worked with a wide array of state agencies and organizations and with differing divisions and departments within these. From supporting agency headquarters at the State Capital to working closely with personnel in division offices, GEOServices is versatile and can adapt its workforce and project support to meet the needs of at in level within the agencies we support.


Our resume for state and local governments include projects that range from rural county roads to major arterial highways, simple to multiple span bridges, single-story to multi-story civic buildings and parking structures, municipal facilities, parks and recreation developments, business parks, and electric, gas and water related infrastructures.

We at GEOServices understand the importance of good relationships in all the market sectors we serve, with none being any more important than the relations we have built over the years with state and local officials. We work hard to build the trust of these authorities and also the engineers and contractors working for them in service to the communities in which we live. In a real sense, we view our work with government agencies as a form of commitment and service to the general public who are in essences the end uses of the projects completed and the recipients of the quality of services we provide.