Geotechnical Engineering Design encompasses three major activities: 1.) the inclusive investigation of subsurface soil/rock/water conditions, 2.) the analysis of the soil structure interaction between these conditions and proposed engineered structures, and 3.) the design of a functional structure(s) to accomplish the stability objectives required. GEOServices’ design engineers understand these principles and are experienced in providing various types of design services to support our client’s needs.

We are experienced in new designs, designs for changing site conditions and the expansion of existing facilities, and remedial designs for the repair of failed or marginally stable conditions. Our engineers work with state-of- the-art computer software applying proven theoretical concepts and years of practical experience to create functional, safe and cost effective designs. Whether a simple slope stability repair or a complex design to address unusually difficult conditions requiring multiple design structures, our team of trained professional engineers are prepared to provide our clients with safe, cost effective geotechnical engineering designs.


  1. Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls
  2. Shallow Foundations, (Dead and Dynamic Loaded)
  3. Rock and Soil Anchored and Tieback Walls
  4. Temporary Shoring Design
  5. Earth Retention Systems (soil nail, solder piles, shotcrete systems)
  6. Flexible Asphalt and Rigid Concrete Pavements
  7. Design for the Modification and Stabilization of Soils by Lime Treatment
  8. Full Depth Reclamation Pavement Design
  9. Soil Cement Pavement Subgrade Design
  10. Earth Dam Design
  11. Geosynthetic Engineering and Design
  12. Deep Foundation Designs (Micropile, Drilled Pier, Geopier, and Driven Pile
  13. Foundation)
  14. Reinforced Subgrade Design.