Material engineering and testing is a key focus of GEOServices. Construction Material Testing (CMT) provides confirmation that design specifications are being met during construction. Once geotechnical conditions are determined and engineering designs completed, GEOServices stands ready to provide quality control and quality assurance inspection and testing services to confirm design criteria are met. Our CMT services include 1.) Field Inspections, monitoring and in-place testing, 2.) Laboratory Testing of materials, and 3.) IBC Special Inspections. We are accredited and highly experienced in the testing and inspection of soil, aggregate, bituminous asphalt, concrete and steel. Field testing is performed by degreed professionals and certified civil engineering technicians (ACI, ICC, NICET, CWI).

GEOServices maintains full-service in-house construction materials laboratory capabilities in our Knoxville, Cleveland, Nashville, and Kingsport locations. Our primary laboratory contains over 3,000 square feet of equipment dedicated to the testing of soils, aggregate, concrete, and asphalt. Our Knoxville, Cleveland, and Kingsport laboratories are AASHTO accredited through the AMRL and CCRL certification programs. This accreditation confirms our laboratory meets or exceeds the requirements outlined by ASTM E 329. Further, our Nuclear Quality Assurance Program (NQA-1) (also approved as part of ASTM E 329) details our quality procedures for all materials testing including but not limited to those include in ASTM C 1077 (concrete and aggregate) and D 3740 (soil). Our laboratories have also obtained Army Corps of Engineers Laboratory Certification for aggregates, concrete and soil testing.

Often after the due diligence and design has been completed, we are engaged to perform International Building Code (IBC) special inspections and materials engineering and testing services during construction. Our personnel are experienced and familiar with all aspects of code compliant inspections and materials testing for earthwork, deep foundations, shoring systems, structural concrete, structural masonry, structural steel, fire-proofing and HVAC test and balance for fire control. With a wide range of certified professionals and engineering technicians, GEOServices believes that construction quality control is not simply the completion of field and lab tests during construction, but a method of providing both the contractor and owner with valuable information for quality construction.


1. Field Services

i. Inspection and Testing of Earthwork
ii. Inspection of subgrades intended for support of structures, slab-on- grade and pavements.
iii. Inspection and testing of soil fill, backfill and trench work.
iv. Monitoring of temporary dewatering and drainage systems.
v. Inspection of subgrade and perimeter sub-drainage systems.
vi. Monitoring of Soil and Aggregate Placement and Compaction
vii. Inspection of Steel Reinforcement
viii. Sampling and Field Testing of Fresh Concrete
ix. Shallow Foundation Inspection
x. Monitoring and Inspection of Deep Foundations (Drilled Piers, Driven Piles, Micropiles)
xi. Monitoring of Auger Cast Piles
xii. Inspection of Geomembrane and Geogrid Installation
xiii. Asphalt Placement Monitoring
xiv. In-Place Pavement Thickness and Density Verification
xv. Floor flatness and Floor Level Testing.

2. Laboratory Services

i. Laboratory Testing of Soils, Aggregates and Concrete
ii. Determination of Soil Properties and Suitability for Construction
iii. Determination of Soil Strength Properties
iv. Asphalt, Aggregate, Concrete Laboratory Testing
v. Asphalt Mix Design Verification
vi. Testing of Concrete Compression Strengths
vii. Sampling and Testing of In-place Hardened Concrete.

3. IBC Special Inspections

i. Structural Concrete & Reinforcement Steel
ii. Anchor Bolts Inspections
iii. Concrete Inspections
iv. Pre-stressed Concrete Inspections
v. Post Tension Tendons Inspections
vi. Shotcrete Installation Monitoring and Inspections
vii. Grading, excavations and fill materials
viii. Driven and Cast-in-place Deep Foundations.