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The Y-12 NSC Uranium Processing Facility is being constructed to replace aging facilities constructed during the early days of the World War II Manhattan Project. This estimated 6.5 billion dollar facility is the largest DOE project undertaken within the last 50 years, and is considered to be critical to the national security of the United States. It is being constructed in multiple phases, and as of 2017 the project was in the Site Infrastructure and Services phase.


GEOServices Services:

GEOServices is actively providing Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Material Testing, QA/QC support, and Special Inspections (SI) for multiple projects related to the UPF project. We provided QA/QC, SI and field engineering support for the construction of the three-story Construction Support Building. We performed soil, aggregate and soil QC testing and geotechnical engineering support for the Mass Excavation Project completed in 2017. GEOServices is performing the QA function for the ongoing Mass Concrete Fill project, consisting of the controlled placement of over 100,000 cy of concrete. This effort is supported by our full-time dedicated team of engineers and certified technicians. We work hand in hand with QC personnel to insure the project product meets all applicable specifications in accordance with the design draws and implementation plans.