Federal Government

Oak Ridge Industrial Landfill Expansion




The project consists of the expansion of the Industrial Landfill IV located within the Y-12 Nuclear Security Complex in Oak Ridge Tennessee. The expansion included excavation of soils to design lines and grades, screening of excavated soil to provide material for a compacted clay liner, placement of the compacted clay liner, installation of geosynthetic layers of the liner system, installation of leachate collection system, and placement of protective cover soil.



GEOServices Services:


GEOServices performed Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) services for the construction activities related to Area 2 – Phase II Expansion of the ILF-IV facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Testing and observations were completed as described in the Quality Assurance Plan for the expansion. During performance, GEOServices evaluated documentation of the manufacturer’s materials certification; obtained conformance sample results for geosynthetic materials, soil, and aggregates; and performed field observations of the liner installation including field testing and verification of installation methods, and laboratory testing of geomembrane weld samples.