Federal Government

DOE Oak Ridge Reservation



The Oak Ridge Reservation consists of three Department of Energy facilities, each with its own specific operation mandate. These include the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Y-12 Nuclear Security Complex, and the East Tennessee Technology Park. The DOE is aggressively working to address environmental concerns at each of these facilities and to modernize antiquated facilities to fully meet the United States nuclear demands for the 21st century.


GEOServices Services:

GEOServices is actively providing Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Material Testing for multiple projects at the Oak Ridge Reservation. We work closely with design and constructtion engineers, contractors and they’re subcontractors, the DOE as the owner of the facilities, and the DOE’s prime contractors, contracted to run the different facilities. GEOServices is known for providing exceptional services, meeting stringed project requirements and specifications, all under the watchful eyes of the DOE and the DOE’s prime contractor.