GEOServices recognizes the unique needs of the Institutional Market Sector we serve. We understand that strict adherence to budget, design standards and schedules is imperative.  The changing healthcare industry has placed increased demands on facility construction. Understanding that the ability of healthcare organizations to meet the future needs of an aging population is paramount, the founding partners of GEOServices were actively involved in serving the healthcare and educational markets even before GEOServices began. GEOServices continues to build a solid reputation of providing quality and timely services within the healthcare and educational communities through the dedication and commitment of the company leadership and the values passed down to the professionals and support staff.

We are experienced in working within the healthcare system on projects ranging from single-story assisted living facilities to multi-story hospitals and medical office buildings. Similarly, we support the design and construction of educational facilities ranging from elementary school to high schools, and on to major university buildings and the development of college campuses. Our history in Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Consulting, and Construction Monitoring and Testing covers work that includes a broad range of simple to complex projects. Among these we have provided support for the construction of single stand-along buildings on vacant tracts of land to the planning and development of entirely new educational campuses on undeveloped sites. Further, we are intimately experienced in the redevelopment of existing sites that often require demolish of existing buildings and the construction of new multi-story buildings in  tightly spaced conditions bordered by major structures that must not be disturbed during construction or adversely impacted by the new facility thereafter.