GEOServices provides Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Consulting, and Construction Material Testing for the Federal Government. While the basic principles of our services are the same, working in the federal environment brings an added level of organization, communication, and reporting requirements.

We understand that with the performance of engineering and inspection work for the federal government there is an elevated degree of scrutiny regarding the qualifications to perform specific project functions. GEOServices provides documentation as required to assure our clients and federal government contacts that all GEOServices personnel are properly licensed, certified and trained to perform designated project assignments.

Included with the elevated degree of documentation and reporting requirements, federal projects often involve multiple agencies, firms and companies; each of which must continually be kept in communication to successfully complete projects. We are experienced in working with each of these, including government project and facility owners, government agency overseeing the job, design firm, prime government contractor, and each of the various subcontractors of differing disciplines.  We understand that following established communication protocol is critical in keeping the many project members adequately informed of project accomplishments and issues, and in assuring ultimate success of the work. We at GEOServices understand this unique need and are committed to doing our part to assure that all those involved are briefed on the site developments and advancements.


We understand the importance of project organization and work performance in accordance with specified requirements of the federal government. GEOServices works with our clients to provide timely documentation of services performed that meet and often exceed project reporting requirements. Whether it’s providing an engineering report describing geotechnical or environmental findings, or the submittal of daily field reports documenting field inspections or laboratory testing results, we understand that multiple parties must often review and approve our findings and recommendations before work can proceed. As such, we are committed to submitting our work expeditiously and in the established format. Should any issues be raised, we are prepared to work within the proper channels to quickly resolve these in an expeditiously and appropriate manner to keep the project moving forward.

We are experienced on facilities with various level of security. We understand the importance of abiding by the specific security requirements established, and in fully cooperating with government authorities and security officials to insure the safety of our personnel and those we work with, and in the safe guarding of national security.