Our experienced team provides client support in all phases of development, from conceptual design through the permitting process, from the final design to the end of each construction phase, and continuing through the project closeout and post monitoring phases.

We understand that to be successful, owners must create developments that are attractive, functional, accessible, and visible. Preferred sites from a location-viewpoint often have multiple geotechnical or environmental challenges that must be addressed properly in a cost-effective manner.  GEOServices has the knowledge and experience to handle even the most complex site conditions. We boast a proven history of providing our clients with constructible, cost-effective solutions based on sound engineering and environmental principles.

We at GEOServices understand that “Time is of the essence” when working with commercial developments. GEOServices recognizes that strength in planning, permitting, and construction in an expeditious manner is paramount to owners and developers. Our clients across the Southeast know they can trust GEOServices as their geotechnical and environmental firm to work closely with them, their designers and their contractors to provide quality solutions in a timely manner.

Our professional staff of engineers and scientists have over 30 years of documented experience in the commercial, retail, and residential markets. We have many established and trusted relationships with major local and regional developers in Tennessee and the Southeast who depend on GEOServices to understand and meet their needs.  GEOServices has extensive experience in the development of shopping centers, office complexes, stand-alone department stores, and single and multi-family residential developments.